Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Welcome to Women Wine and Words

"I've always known that life is better when you share it. I now realize it gets even sweeter when you expand the circle." Oprah

Two and a half years ago I started a book club to become well read, help improve my grammatical skills and expand my social network with other women who had similar interests.  I can now say 2.5 years later I have the privilege of exploring a variety of authors and their novels from different genres with a set of dedicated women who have enriched my life more then words can describe.

 If you too are looking for a book club to join please feel free to look through our book list.  If you're an avid reader and would like to play catch up from the previous years, by all means deep dive and let us know your opinion of the book(s) by commenting on the blog. If starting your journey from the beginning a bit to ambitious, going forward is too always welcomed. 

Now, I will confess I'm not the strongest reader and I have been left in India (our first book Eat Pray Love, I only made it to India before my interest started to diminish and before I could get a second wind it was our meeting time to discuss) an "inside" now "outside" joke.  Have no fear!  However, do be warned you will be subjected to spoiler alerts. 

Welcome to Women Wine and Words it's nice to meet you!


Monique G.  xOoX

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