Saturday, 28 September 2013

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

This month's selection was "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan".  The book provided us a lot of insight into some 19th century cultural practices.  In general, we found the book slow however, we were fascinated by the graphic descriptions of feet among Chinese women of status.

The narrative around friendships, life-long bonds and the complexities within families of origin, as well as marital families, was sometimes disturbing.  As women, we found the perpetual cycle of abuse towards women unsettling. This novel invoked anger and a sense of frustration in all of us.

Although she was difficult at times to understand, we found Lilly, the narrator of the story, somewhat compelling as she shares many of our own faults.  Her relationship with Sunflower, her life long loatong "same old", was one of loyalty and trust and in the end betrayal and guilt.  This begs the question, "Can a true relationship be built on lies?"

In the end, although Snowflower was of a lower social status, it was Lilly who spent a lifetime trying to emulate her grace.

Is it better to forgive yourself than to be forgiven?    

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