Monday, 25 November 2013

Dark Tide

This month's selection was "Dark Tide".  We chose this book because we enjoyed Elizabeth Haynes first book, “Into the Darkest Corner". It opened our minds to the mental health issues, and in hopes to learn more we read on.
However this book was completely opposite, Genevieve, the main character finds herself stressed from the demands of her sales job and constantly searching to fulfill her dreams of living aboard a houseboat. As time goes by Genevieve wants out faster and finds herself a position at less-than-reputable gentlemen's club. Once she had enough money she purchased her fixer upper boat and left London. While settling into her new place and lifestyle her old life knocked on the boat door.
This book bring the questions, would you do whatever it takes to be happy or would you settle for a 9-5.  

In 2010, our book club, Women Wine and Word, started out as a brilliant idea from one of our members (we call her the queen). We meet once a month to discuss our books, eat some food, drink a little wine, and have a great time with our friends.

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