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"Sold" is the story of, Lakshmi, a rural Nepalese girl whose one desire is to improve her impovrished family's living situation.  Her unselfish desire to provide for both her mother and seemingly uncaring step-father, leads her to dream of employment in the big city.  Dreaming of domestic work and a future with the neighbourhood boy to whom she was promised, Lakshmi willingly leaves the home she knows and loves when her family arranges what seems to be the promise of a better future through a woman respectfully referred to as "Aunty" by Lakshmi.

"Aunty's" promise of employment leads Lakshmi to a world of lost innocence and degradation.  Her experience in the big city, not only robs her family of a daughter, but also robs Lakshmi of her childhood; but not her will to live.

It's been a long time since we have all agreed on a book's rating.  In "Sold", not only do we agree, we all have given this book 5 wine glasses.  This page turning, heart wrenching saga was a gripping, quick read whose heroine demonstrated incredible optimism and inner-strength we all admired.

"Sold" brings into question issues of wealth and poverty, gender equality and morality.  We were all challenged by the complex themes and issues raised throughout this book.  As we all questioned ourselves and each other, we wonder would we do something to stop this terrible injustice?  Would you?

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