Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Any Known Blood

Any Known Blood, by Lawrence Hill, is a historical fiction about one man's journey to uncover the past of his family. Along the way, Langston Cane V discovers that the roots of his family tree are connected to lies, racism, deceit, and the civil war.

We had mixed reviews for this book. Some members of our book club were moved by the author's ability to connect the Cane family to important events and historical figures, while others thought the storyline fell flat. Collectively, we agreed that the story felt incomplete and left us with many unanswered questions and we felt as if Based on the title we had expectations that the book unfortunately could not fill.

We felt that there was a disconnect between the title and the novel. If we were to rename this book we would call it something that feel related to the book. We came up with " Chasing Canes". After reading Any Known Blood, what title would you give it.

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