Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bared to You

If you enjoyed reading "Fifty Shades of Grey", you will enjoy our latest selection, "Bared to You" as this book follows in the same vein featuring infatuation, lust and lots and lots of sex, sex, sex!

The book's salacious plot follows a typical boy-meets-girl storyline - on VIAGRA as Eva, the naive main character gets caught up in the mysterious world of Gideon Cross, a powerful young New York mogle.  

The bookclub's reactions to this latest narrative is mixed.  Some of us, appreciate the "give a girl a chance", feel of the book while others were unable to contend with the oversexed, weak-plotted narrative.

All said, the book gets a rating of 2 wine glasses. 

In 2010, our book club, Women Wine and Word, started out as a brilliant idea from one of our members (we call her the queen). We meet once a month to discuss our books, eat some food, drink a little wine, and have a great time with our friends.

We invite you to check out our monthly blogs, browse through our reading list, or take a peek at our book reviews (FYI- only a few books have received 5/5 wine glasses).

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